Traditional Home -美国家装设计传统家居杂志PDF电子版 2022年春季刊

Traditional Home’s unique niche is classic design. It’s about quality, craftsmanship, elegance and authenticity. Traditional style is the foundation of good design – it’s not tied to an age or a time. Traditional Home gives you the confidence to mix classic and modern in order to create a fresh, personal look that fits your lifestyle. You’ll also be able to navigate through the design process that inspires you to interpret classic design in a modern way.传统家居的独特定位是经典设计。这是关于质量,工艺,优雅和真实性。传统风格是优秀设计的基础——它与时代无关。传统家居给你信心,混合经典和现代,以创造一个新鲜,个人的外观,适合你的生活方式。你还可以在设计过程中引导方向,激发你以现代的方式诠释经典设计。

Traditional Home -美国家装设计传统家居杂志PDF电子版 2022年春季刊

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