SkyNews – 加拿大天空新闻杂志 2022年3月&4月刊


SkyNews is a hands-on magazine for amateur astronomers in Canada. It’s written for active stargazers including beginners and intermediates. Each issue contains a current Star Chart for Canada and the northern U.S., seasonal observing tips, expert equipment reviews, space news, a Photo Gallery of reader’s best astrophotos and much more. Edited by popular astronomy author Terrence Dickinson, SkyNews features some of the world’s best science writers including Alen Dyer, Ken Hewitt-White, Gary Seronik, David Levy, Ray Villard and others.天空新闻是加拿大业余天文爱好者的实践性杂志。它是写给活跃的天文爱好者,包括初学者和中间用户。每一期都包含了当前加拿大和美国北部的星图、季节性观测提示、专家设备评论、太空新闻、读者最佳天文照片图库等等。天空新闻》由通俗天文学作家 Terrence Dickinson 编辑,采访了包括 Alen Dyer,Ken Hewitt-White,Gary Seronik,David Levy,Ray Villard 等世界上最好的科学作家。

SkyNews – 加拿大天空新闻杂志 2022年3月&4月刊

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