Boating – 划船杂志PDF电子版 2022年3月刊

Reviews Articles on Boats, Boating Accessories, and Boating Maintenance. Boating is the world’s foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront — from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.评论有关船只、船艇配件和船艇维修的文章。划船是世界上最受划船爱好者欢迎的杂志。这篇社论由专家们为那些热爱这项运动的人撰写,涵盖了海滨地区—- 从小型车到运动鱼敞篷车到豪华展示车,以及介于两者之间的一切。

Boating – 划船杂志PDF电子版 2022年3月刊
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