NXT – 新加坡电子数码科技杂志 2022年2月刊

NXT Magazine is the leading lifestyle consumer gadget title for the Singapore market and will focus on how increasingly affluent consumers are changing their lifestyles with a greater affinity for the very best in consumer electronics, luxury tech products and emerging trends such as wearables. Featuring entertaining articles for both male and female readers, NXT Magazine is about the user experience and understanding the technology behind the world’s favourite gadgets.NXT 杂志是新加坡市场领先的生活时尚消费电子产品品牌,它将关注日益富裕的消费者如何改变他们的生活方式,更加喜欢消费电子产品、奢侈高科技产品和诸如可穿戴设备等新兴趋势。NXT 杂志为男性和女性读者提供有趣的文章,介绍用户体验和了解世界上最受欢迎的小玩意背后的技术。

NXT – 新加坡电子数码科技杂志 2022年2月刊

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