Treasures: Vintage Modern is the only national magazine with an editorial focus on mid-century modern objects—housewares, furniture, lighting, collectibles, decorative accessories, pottery, clothing, toys, art, rugs, electronics, and more. Treasures provides readers with engaging articles and photography showcasing sought-after mid-century objects that collectors seek at estate sales, auction houses, antiques shops/malls, flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales. Treasures covers vintage objects in all price ranges—from a $10 set of retro stemware to a vintage $4,000 Eames lounge chair. Treasures helps collectors keep up with trends, and will broaden their knowledge of important mid-century-modern designers and manufacturers. We also provide up-to-date information regarding pricing, places to shop, and buying/selling tips.《珍品: 古典现代》是唯一一本专注于世纪中期现代主义物品的全国性杂志,包括家居用品、家具、灯饰、收藏品、装饰配件、陶器、服装、玩具、艺术品、地毯、电子产品等等。珍宝为读者提供迷人的文章和摄影展示收藏家在房地产销售、拍卖行、古董商店/商场、跳蚤市场、旧货店和车库销售中寻找的热门中世纪物品。珍品包括各种价格的古董物品,从10美元一套的复古高脚杯到4000美元一把的埃姆斯休闲椅。珍宝可以帮助收藏家跟上潮流,拓宽他们对本世纪中叶重要的现代设计师和制造商的认识。我们还提供最新的信息,有关价格,地方购物,购买/销售提示。

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Mid Mod Treasures – 2022年春季刊

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