Wildlife Ranching – 野生动物牧场杂志 2022年春季刊

Wildlife Ranching is the official publication of Wildlife Ranching SA (WRSA). The magazine strives to serve WRSA members and wildlife ranching industry professionals with intelligence across the industry value chain – via a synergy of its print and digital products – with the goal of supporting readers through quality and original content to profitably grow their businesses.The main aim of Wildlife Ranching magazine is to create an entertaining and engaging voice for WRSA.《野生动物牧场》是《野生动物牧场》的官方出版物。该杂志致力于为世界野生动物保护协会的成员和野生动物牧场行业的专业人士提供跨行业价值链的智能服务——通过其印刷和数字产品的协同作用——目标是通过高质量和原创内容支持读者,使他们的业务实现利润增长。《野生动物牧场》杂志的主要目的是为世界野生动物协会创造一个娱乐性和吸引人的声音。

Wildlife Ranching – 野生动物牧场杂志 2022年春季刊

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