Edge – 英国游戏杂志 2021年度珍藏合集全13期

Quite simply the leading name in games journalism, Edge magazine will be familiar to any true fan of cross-platform gaming. The wonderful thing about Edge is that, unlike pretty much every other gaming magazine out there, it is not tied into any one platform, featuring the PC, PS3 Xbox-360, Wii, PSVita, DS and even iOS games. Edge is a Mecca for games journalists, featuring contributions from the leading writers across every format, and includes famously expert and honest reviews, all the latest news, fascinating insights and views from within the games industry and features on the nature of gaming as a whole.作为游戏新闻业的领军人物,Edge 杂志对于任何一个真正的跨平台游戏迷来说都是再熟悉不过的了。Edge 的奇妙之处在于,与其他几乎所有的游戏杂志不同,它没有与任何一个平台捆绑在一起,包括个人电脑、 PS3 Xbox-360、 Wii、 PSVita、 DS,甚至 iOS 游戏。是游戏记者的圣地,各种形式的主要作家的贡献都有,包括著名的专家和诚实的评论,所有最新的新闻,来自游戏行业的引人入胜的见解和观点,以及关于整个游戏本质的特征

English | 13 Issues | True PDF | 492.5 MB

Edge – 英国游戏杂志 2021年度珍藏合集全13期

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