Uncut UK – 英国摇滚乐杂志PDF 2021年度珍藏合集全13期

Uncut is the essential magazine about rock music, written by people who love that music as much as you do. Every month, it features the most comprehensive and trustworthy album reviews section in the world. There are in-depth interviews with the finest musicians of the past five decades, and with the exciting new artists who are following in their great tradition. Insightful, informative, passionate about extraordinary music – that’s Uncut.Uncut 是一本关于摇滚乐的重要杂志,作者是和你一样热爱摇滚乐的人。每个月,它都会推出世界上最全面、最值得信赖的专辑评论版块。这里有对过去五十年来最优秀的音乐家的深度访谈,以及对那些继承了他们伟大传统的令人兴奋的新艺术家的深度访谈。有洞察力,内容丰富,对非凡的音乐充满激情-这是 Uncut。

English | 13 issues | PDF | 737 MB

Uncut UK – 英国摇滚乐杂志PDF 2021年度珍藏合集全13期

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