Ancient History Magazine – 英国古代历史杂志PDF电子版 March/April 2022

Historical study isn’t something that everyone immediately associates with modern technology. Karawansary wants to help change that – history doesn’t always have to be printed on paper. We recognize the power of the web for conveying ideas, whether as a blog post or a podcast. And because we view dialogue and debate as critical to a full understanding of history, forums and social-networking sites like Facebook play a key role in our work.We know that there’s more to a good read than just a gripping text. All of our books and magazines are of the highest possible quality: our bindings, paper and printing are always a cut above. We don’t neglect the pictures either: both our books and magazines are richly illustrated not only with detailed photographs, but also with original drawings and paintings made just for us. Much of the latest research in the field of history is targeted at an academic audience and is often expensive, difficult to find and frustrating to read.

历史研究并不是每个人都能立即与现代科技联系起来的东西。卡拉万萨利希望帮助改变这种状况——历史并不总是需要印在纸上。我们认识到网络传达思想的力量,无论是通过博客还是播客。因为我们认为对话和辩论对于充分理解历史至关重要,像 Facebook 这样的论坛和社交网站在我们的工作中发挥着关键作用。我们知道,一本好书不仅仅是一本扣人心弦的书。我们所有的书籍和杂志的质量都是最高的: 我们的装订、纸张和印刷总是在最上面。我们也不会忽视图片: 我们的书籍和杂志都有丰富的插图,不仅有详细的照片,而且还有专门为我们绘制的原始素描和油画。历史学领域的许多最新研究都是针对

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Ancient History Magazine – 英国古代历史杂志PDF电子版 March/April 2022

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