France – 法国杂志PDF电子版 May 2022


France magazine brings you the very best of France. Featuring inspiring articles on weekend getaways, destinations and holiday ideas, an intriguing food and wine section for French foodies as well as articles steeped in history and culture it really is the next best thing to being there.法国杂志为您带来法国最好的一面。这里有关于周末度假、目的地和度假理念的激动人心的文章,为法国美食家提供的有趣的美食和葡萄酒专区,以及浸淫在历史和文化中的文章,这真的是仅次于去那里的最好的事情。

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France – 法国杂志PDF电子版 May 2022

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