Australian Geographic – 澳大利亚地理杂志PDF电子版 May/June 2022

Australian Geographic, the country’s premier geographic journal, brings you the best of Australia from those who know it best. Discover the Australia’s rich cultural heritage and its beautiful landscapes, our unique and diverse plants and wildlife, and explore outback towns and the true-blue characters who call them home. As the journal of the not-for-profit Australian Geographic Society, Australian Geographic supports Australian adventurers, conservation, scientific and environmental research, and community projects across the nation and helps Australians realise their dreams to achieve the seemingly impossible.澳大利亚地理杂志,澳大利亚的首要地理杂志,带给你澳大利亚最好的那些谁知道它最好的。发现澳大利亚丰富的文化遗产和它美丽的风景,我们独特的和多样的植物和野生动物,并探索内陆城镇和真正的蓝色字符谁把他们的家园。作为非盈利性的澳大利亚地理学会的杂志,澳大利亚地理支持澳大利亚的冒险家,保护,科学和环境研究,以及全国各地的社区项目,并帮助澳大利亚人实现他们的梦想,实现看似不可能的。

Australian Geographic – 澳大利亚地理杂志PDF电子版 May/June 2022

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