Professional Photo – 专业摄影杂志PDF电子版 May 2022

Photo Professional magazine targets the whole territory of professional photography and has a particularly strong affinity with those working in the wedding, portrait and event markets. With a readership that consists of full-time professionals, part-time pros and those aspiring to break into the market, the title concentrates on money-making ideas, essential marketing tips and advice from seasoned experts who are happy to pass on their experience. You will also find regular reviews of the latest pro gear included every month, plus features on high-end technique which are designed to boost the skill set of the working professional.专业摄影杂志面向整个专业摄影领域,与婚礼、肖像和活动市场的工作人员有着特别强烈的亲和力。该书的读者包括全职专业人士、兼职专业人士,以及有意进军市场的人士。书名集中讲述赚钱的点子、重要的营销技巧,以及乐于传授自己经验的资深专家的建议。你还会发现每个月都会定期评论最新的专业装备,加上高端技术的特点,这些都是为了提高工作专业人士的技能而设计的。

Professional Photo – 专业摄影杂志PDF电子版 May 2022

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