We live in a world that describes beauty, be it broken or unbroken, and that’s what we call design. Colours bloom in every corner of our path; it unites and forms a rainbow, and that’s what we call art. Our world embodies nature, and we travel miles to understand and explore it. Design, art, and travel, the three most essential elements of life that we see and experience each day but somehow fail to observe. Jam Today is a digital magazine dedicated to individual cities and their unseen and unexplored places, art, designs and creators. It connects a community of creative minds and travellers from all over the world. Our collection of photos, blogs, interviews of artists, travellers, and designers brings together a glimpse of the world and the great creative minds. It lives to let you see, think and go beyond the expected.我们生活在一个描述美的世界里,不管它是破碎的还是完整的,这就是我们所说的设计。色彩在我们道路的每一个角落绽放; 它联合起来,形成一道彩虹,这就是我们所说的艺术。我们的世界体现了自然,我们长途跋涉去了解和探索它。设计、艺术和旅行—- 我们每天看到和体验的生活中三个最基本的元素,却不知怎么地没有被观察到。《今日果酱》是一本数字杂志,专门介绍个别城市及其未知和未开发的地方、艺术、设计和创作者。它连接了来自世界各地的创造性思维和旅行者的社区。我们收集的照片、博客、艺术家、旅行家和设计师的访谈汇集了世界和伟大的创造性思维的一瞥。它的存在是为了让你看到、思考和超越预期。

Jam Today – Issue 2 2022

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