Frame – 荷兰构架室内设计杂志PDF电子版 May/June 2022

Frame is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the design of interiors and products. It offers a stunning, global selection of shops, hospitality venues, workplaces, exhibitions and residences on more than 224 pages. Well-written articles accompanied by a wealth of high-quality photographs, sketches and drawings make the magazine an indispensable source of inspiration for designers as well as for all those involved in other creative disciplines.构架是一个双月刊杂志致力于室内设计和产品。它提供了一个惊人的,全球范围内的商店,接待场所,工作场所,展览和住宅超过224页。精心撰写的文章,配以大量高质量的照片、素描和绘图,使该杂志成为设计师以及所有其他创意领域人士不可或缺的灵感来源。

Frame – 荷兰构架室内设计杂志PDF电子版 May/June 2022

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