Cruise International – 英国国际邮轮杂志PDF电子版 Summer 2022

The independent magazine for cruise holidaymakers. Cruise International is the leading cruise magazine, dedicated to helping both the cruise holiday enthusiast and first-timers alike to enjoy the best that cruising has to offer. Every issue is packed with fascinating features and glorious photographs of exotic destinations, romantic ports and secret hideaways. It is also full of useful information about life on board, plus expert advice on which ship to choose and the best time to travel. Whether you’ve cruised before or are planning the holiday of a lifetime, Cruise International tells you all you need to know邮轮度假者的独立杂志。国际邮轮是领先的邮轮杂志,致力于帮助双方的邮轮假日爱好者和首次到达享受最好的邮轮已提供。每期杂志都充满了引人入胜的特色,以及异国情调的目的地、浪漫的港口和秘密的藏身之处的美丽照片。它还充满了有用的信息,船上的生活,加上专家的意见,哪艘船选择和最佳时间旅行。无论你以前是否乘坐过游轮,还是正在计划一生中难得的假期,克鲁斯国际都会告诉你所有你需要知道的。

Cruise International – 英国国际邮轮杂志PDF电子版 Summer 2022

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