Steam Days – 英国蒸汽时代火车杂志PDF July 2022

Steam Days is a long running mag packed full of nostalgia and memories of a golden age of steam, primarily concerned with locomotives. Each issue contains personal insights and memories of famous and not-so-famous railways, trains and steam engines, and is packed full of wonderful vintage photography, both black and white and in colour. You can feel the passion and love for the subject that the writers have, and this is echoed in the strong sense of community in the readers’ letters section《蒸汽时代》是一本长期刊载的杂志,充满了怀旧情绪和蒸汽机车黄金时代的记忆,主要涉及火车头。每期杂志都包含著名和不那么著名的铁路、火车和蒸汽机的个人见解和回忆,并且充满了精彩的老式摄影作品,有黑白的,也有彩色的。你可以感受到作者对这个主题的热情和爱,这在读者来信部分强烈的社区意识中得到了回应

Steam Days – 英国蒸汽时代火车杂志PDF July 2022

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