Animal Planet – 英国动物星球儿童杂志PDF电子版 Issue 18 2022

Animal Planet Magazine fuels curious minds, helps children make sense of the world and sparks joy on every page. Kids have never been more engaged with their planet and the animal kingdom than they are now. The magazine brings kids up close and personal with animals, teaching them about conservation, science, animal behaviour, and the people making a difference to the planet’s future. Animal Planet Magazine is jam-packed with fascinating content that will spark children’s curiosity and help them discover the world around them. The magazine is filled with spectacular photography, facts, activities and stories that spark a feeling of joy and wonder on every page.《动物星球》杂志激发了好奇心,帮助孩子们理解这个世界,并在每一页上点燃快乐的火花。孩子们从来没有像现在这样投入到他们的星球和动物王国中。这本杂志让孩子们近距离接触动物,教他们保护、科学、动物行为以及人类对地球未来的影响。《动物星球》杂志充满了引人入胜的内容,这些内容将激发孩子们的好奇心,帮助他们发现周围的世界。这本杂志充满了壮观的摄影、事实、活动和故事,每一页都点燃了喜悦和惊奇的火花。

Animal Planet – 英国动物星球儿童杂志PDF电子版 Issue 18 2022

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