Chap – 英国时尚杂志PDF电子版 Summer 2022

CHAP is a well-established British fashion and humour magazine covering all aspects of living like a gentleman in the 21st century. Articles range from advice on buying vintage clothes, interviews with dandies, tailors, burlesque dancers and fashionable folk from around the world, and features on new clothing brands using retro inspired designs for men and women. After 18 years, CHAP has recently relaunched, doubling its size and broadening its editorial scope.CHAP 是一本知名的英国时尚与幽默杂志,涵盖了21世纪绅士生活的方方面面。文章内容包括关于购买复古服装的建议、对花花公子、裁缝、滑稽舞者和来自世界各地的时尚人士的采访,以及关于使用复古风格设计的男女新服装品牌的特写。18年过去了,CHAP 最近重新启动,规模扩大了一倍,编辑范围也扩大了。
Chap – 英国时尚杂志PDF电子版 Summer 2022
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