Songlines is the definitive magazine for world music – music that has its roots in all parts of the globe, from Mali to Mexico, India to Iraq. Whether this music is defined as traditional, contemporary, folk or fusion, Songlines is the only publication to truly represent and embrace it. However, Songlines is not just about music, but about how the music fits into the landscape; it’s about politics, history and identity, and the artists who incite change through their music. Through its extensive articles and reviews, Songlines is your essential guide to an extraordinary world of music and culture, whether you are starting on your journey of discovery or are already a seasoned fan.Songlines 是世界音乐的权威杂志,它的音乐根植于世界各地,从马里到墨西哥,从印度到伊拉克。无论这种音乐被定义为传统,当代,民间或融合,歌曲是唯一的出版物,真正代表和拥抱它。然而,Songlines 不仅仅是关于音乐,而是关于音乐如何融入风景; 它是关于政治、历史和身份,以及通过音乐激发变革的艺术家。通过其广泛的文章和评论,Songlines 是您的一个非凡的音乐和文化世界的重要指南,无论您是开始您的发现之旅或已经是一个经验丰富的球迷。

Songlines – July 2022

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