Where dreams become real. The Shed is Eclectic, informed and always fascinating, there is something to interest everyone in The Shed. Aimed at those with a few tools and perhaps a few clues, this is the magazine for real sheddies. Packed with ideas, projects, advice and peeks into other people’s sheds.梦想成真的地方。小屋兼收并蓄,见多识广,总是引人入胜,这里有一些让每个人都感兴趣的东西。针对那些与一些工具,也许是一些线索,这是真正的棚户区杂志。充满了想法,项目,建议和窥视别人的棚子。

The Shed – July/August 2022

外刊猫 » The Shed – July/August 2022



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