SquareRooms – 新加坡室内设计装饰杂志PDF电子版 2022年6月刊

The ultimate interior guide for homeowners – SquareRooms is a monthly interior design publication, first released in 2000. Driven by inspiration, the magazine covers all aspects of interior design that range from home renovation, brilliant ideas for all parts of the home and comparison shopping on home furnishings. Most of all, the magazine is packed with practical tips and solutions to inspire homeowners to look forward to their own revamp.最终的室内业主指南 -SquareRooms 是一个每月室内设计出版物,首次发布于2000年。在灵感的驱动下,该杂志涵盖了室内设计的所有方面,从家居装修,为家庭的所有部分和比较购物家具的辉煌的想法。最重要的是,这本杂志充满了实用的建议和解决方案,以鼓励业主期待自己的改造。

SquareRooms – 新加坡室内设计装饰杂志PDF电子版 2022年6月刊

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