MyKitchen – 我的厨房杂志PDF电子版 June 2022

MyKitchen is a magazine that seeks to inspire your inner chef. Each issue is jam-packed with recipes that are easy, cost-efficient and sure to please the whole family, as well as challenging new dishes to master and treats for special occasions. There are also tips on healthy eating, how-tos on tricky cooking methods and news on the latest foodie trends and culinary events.《我的厨房》是一本旨在激发你内心厨师灵感的杂志。每期杂志都充斥着简单、节约成本、肯定能让全家人都满意的菜谱,同时还有为特殊场合掌握和享用的挑战性新菜。还有关于健康饮食的提示,如何巧妙的烹饪方法和最新的美食家趋势和烹饪事件的新闻。

MyKitchen – 我的厨房杂志PDF电子版 June 2022

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