Whole Food Living – 澳大利亚全食生活杂志PDF电子版 Winter 2022

Whole Food Living is a lifestyle publication focusing on whole food plant-based eating. Full of delicious recipes and packed with information, each quarterly release builds into a sound, practical guide to living the plant-based lifestyle. Our food, our health and the environment are critical to our wellbeing. By changing the food we eat, we can improve our health and the health of the planet we live on. Each issue features recovery stories from people determined to improve their health and describes the delicious foods they eat to make this happen. Whole Food Living contains regular think piece articles from doctors, general health professionals and regular writers that dispel the myths around foods we eat and explain what makes it truly nourishing.全食生活是一个生活方式的出版物,重点是全食植物性饮食。充满美味的食谱和包装的信息,每季度发布建立成一个健全的,实用的指导生活植物为基础的生活方式。我们的食物、健康和环境对我们的幸福至关重要。通过改变我们吃的食物,我们可以改善我们的健康和我们居住的星球的健康。每期都有一些关于康复的故事,来自那些决心改善自己健康状况的人们,并描述了他们为了实现这一目标而吃的美味食物。《全食生活》包含来自医生、普通健康专家和定期撰稿人的定期思考文章,这些文章驱散了围绕我们所吃食物的神话,并解释了什么才是真正有营养的食物。

Whole Food Living – 澳大利亚全食生活杂志PDF电子版 Winter 2022

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