WellBeing Being – 幸福杂志PDF电子版 Issue 11 2022

You know this state of presence by its feeling: aligned, connected and in flow. Sometimes our physical environment enables us to cultivate this sense of balance, ease and calm, which is why we intuitively turn to nature and other grounding environments to relax and reconnect with ourselves and the world. But, other times, if you adjust your internal landscape — your perspective on a situation — you can rediscover your presence, find more ease in moments of unease and surrender to the freedom of balance. Transitioning from a place of doing and into a state of being is at the core of this magazine, Being.你通过它的感觉来了解这种存在的状态: 一致的、连接的和流动的。有时,我们的物质环境使我们能够培养这种平衡感、放松感和平静感,这就是为什么我们直觉地转向自然和其他基础环境来放松和重新与我们自己和世界联系。但是,在其他时候,如果你调整你的内部环境ーー你对某种情况的看法ーー你可以重新发现自己的存在,在不安的时刻找到更多的安逸,并向平衡的自由投降。从一个行动的地方过渡到一个存在的状态是这本杂志的核心,存在。

WellBeing Being – 幸福杂志PDF电子版 Issue 11 2022

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