Cook’s Country – August September 2022

Foolproof recipes of American home cooking and easy, weeknight meals. Cook’s Country magazine is dedicated to honest-to-goodness American home cooking, offering quick, easy and satisfying meals that don’t take hours to put on the table. Every recipe we publish has been tested and retested 20, 30, sometimes 50 times until we come up with a recipe that will work the first time and every time you make it. And each issue of Cook’s Country is 100% ADVERTISING FREE, so you get unbiased and objective information on every page.美国家庭烹饪和简单,工作日晚餐的简单食谱。库克的乡村杂志致力于真正的美国家庭烹饪,提供快速,简单和令人满意的食物,不需要花费几个小时放在桌子上。我们发布的每一个食谱都经过了20次,30次,有时是50次的测试,直到我们想出一个在第一次和每次你制作它的时候都会有效的食谱。每一期的《Cook’s Country》都是100% 免费的广告,所以你可以在每一页得到公正客观的信息。

Cook’s Country – August September 2022

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