Military History – 军事历史杂志PDF电子版 Autumn 2022

For more than a quarter century Military History has provided its readers well-researched, engaging articles that educate as they entertain. In each issue our award-winning writers and historians reach back across the sweep of recorded human history, bringing to life the world’s pivotal wars and warriors—profiling the great generals, assessing key conflicts, strolling hallowed ground, sharing the stories of the many and honoring the selfless sacrifice of a few. We also bring you up to date with the latest history news and reviews of the best writing in the genre. Our striking design blends select archival images with cutting-edge graphics and maps and lush illustrations. In 2010 the American Society of Magazine Editors recognized those efforts with a National Magazine Award nomination for general excellence.四分之一多世纪以来,《军事史》为读者提供了研究充分、引人入胜的文章,在读者娱乐的同时教育他们。在每一期中,我们的获奖作家和历史学家都回顾了人类历史的记录,重现了世界上关键的战争和战士,描绘了伟大的将军,评估了关键的冲突,漫步在神圣的土地上,分享了许多人的故事,并向少数人的无私牺牲表示敬意。我们还为您带来最新的历史新闻和评论的最佳写作类型。我们引人注目的设计融合了精选的档案图像与尖端的图形和地图和繁茂的插图。2010年,美国杂志编辑协会(American Society of Magazine Editor)将这些努力授予美国国家杂志奖(National Magazine Award) ,以表彰其卓越表现。

Military History – 军事历史杂志PDF电子版 Autumn 2022

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