Boat International USA 船舶杂志 美国版 7月-2021

The sister title to Boat International for the North American market, Boat International US Edition is the leading magazine for American big boat owners. Originally launched as ShowBoats International in 1983, it has established itself as an indispensable guide for discerning, affluent buyers in the multi-billion-dollar US luxury yachting market. From its base in Fort Lauderdale, the international yachting capital, Boat International US Edition delivers the definitive inside stories on the remarkable yachts, the outstanding owners, and the exceptional wealth that shape this multibillion-dollar industry.作为北美市场游艇国际的姐妹书名,《游艇国际美国版》是美国大游艇所有者的领先杂志。该公司最初于1983年成立,名为 ShowBoats International,目前已成为美国数十亿美元豪华游艇市场上眼光独到、富有的买家不可或缺的向导。美国船舶国际版总部位于国际游艇之都劳德代尔堡,提供关于这些引人注目的游艇、杰出的船东以及塑造了这个数十亿美元产业的非凡财富的内幕消息。

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Boat International USA 船舶杂志 美国版 7月-2021

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