PC Magazine 电脑杂志 7月-2021

PC Magazine is a trusted web brand offering lab-based product reviews, news, buying advice, expert analysis and commentary, and special features for business buyers and consumers of computing and consumer electronic products. Our readers use this knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions for themselves and to advise others on a wide range of products ranging from desktops and printers to digital cameras, software, and services.

PC 杂志是一个值得信赖的网络品牌,提供基于实验室的产品评论,新闻,购买建议,专家分析和评论,以及特殊功能的商业买家和消费者的计算机和消费电子产品。我们的读者利用这些知识为自己做出明智的购买决定,并就从台式机和打印机到数码相机、软件和服务等广泛的产品向他人提供建议。

PC Magazine 电脑杂志 7月-2021


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