Psychologies UK Magazine 心理学杂志 英国版 8月-2021

 Psychologies address what we’re really like, not just what we look like. As such, it sets itself apart from other women’s magazines. If you’re interested in intelligent topics like personality and how the huge changes happening in the world of work, consumption, and social media will affect you, this is a must-buy. We keep up with the latest psychological research and trends to inform how to get the most out of life, we use great writers, seek out expert opinions, and give well-supported advice. We also have a strong ethos of positivity, in interviews, health, wellbeing, and beauty.心理学研究的是我们真正的样子,而不仅仅是我们看起来的样子。因此,它与其他女性杂志有所不同。如果你对智能话题感兴趣,比如个性,以及工作、消费和社交媒体领域发生的巨大变化将如何影响你,这是一个必须购买的话题。我们紧跟最新的心理学研究和趋势,告诉我们如何最大限度地利用生活,我们使用伟大的作家,寻求专家的意见,并提供良好的支持的建议。我们在面试、健康、幸福和美丽方面也有很强的积极性。

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Psychologies UK Magazine 心理学杂志 英国版 8月-2021

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