Notion Magazine 概念杂志 春季版-2021

Notion magazine is an international, autonomous music, fashion, and culture multi-media publication that operates out of Shoreditch. The magazine is aimed at 16-26-year-olds and likes to provide an alternative voice for young people today. The Editors claim that they will only talk about things that they think need talking about and aren’t being talked of elsewhere. Notion magazine likes to be individual and promote free thought and opinions amongst young people everywhere.

概念杂志是一个国际性的,独立的音乐,时尚和文化的多媒体出版物,在 Shoreditch 运作。该杂志面向16-26岁的年轻人,希望为当今的年轻人提供另一种声音。编辑们声称,他们只会谈论那些他们认为需要谈论的事情,而不会在其他地方被谈论。概念杂志喜欢个性化,在世界各地的年轻人中倡导自由的思想和观点。

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Notion Magazine 概念杂志 春季版-2021


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