Wild West magazine brings the past to life in a rich and vibrant way. The bimonthly magazine covers the events and occurrences that led to the taming of the Great American frontier. History buffs will enjoy the detailed, in-depth stories and period photographs. Each new issue of Wild West magazine recounts the legend, lore, and facts behind events that defined America’s past. From articles about Native American tribes to the history of food on the Great Plains, every edition is packed with accurate information about the Wild West’s storied past. Readers will learn about famous famines, battles, massacres, and expeditions in each new issue. Whether you’re interested in learning about pioneers, famous explorers, or Native American leaders, you’ll enjoy each new issue of Wild West magazine. Regular features include interviews with respected historians, book reviews, and movie guides. Every edition also contains rare historical photos.《狂野西部》杂志以一种丰富而充满活力的方式将过去带入生活。这本双月刊杂志报道了导致美国旧西部驯服的事件和事件。历史爱好者会欣赏详尽、深入的故事和历史照片。每一期《狂野西部》杂志都会讲述那些定义美国历史的传说、传说和事件背后的真相。从关于美洲土著部落的文章到大平原上的食物历史,每一个版本都充满了关于西部荒野故事的准确信息。读者将了解著名的饥荒,战争,屠杀和探险在每一个新的问题。无论你是否有兴趣了解拓荒者,著名的探险家,还是印第安人的领袖,你都会喜欢每一期的《狂野西部》杂志。常见的特写包括对受人尊敬的历史学家的采访、书评和电影指南。每个版本也包含珍贵的历史照片。

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Wild West 狂野西部 8月-2021

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