If you love to paint, then ImagineFX is just for you. ImagineFX is packed to the rafters with an eclectic mixture of in-depth workshops from the world’s best fantasy and sci-fi artists, plus galleries and interviews, community news and product reviews. Whether you’re a professional artist, an art student, or just create art for a hobby, each page of ImagineFX is filled with unrivaled advice from our team of world-famous artists who bring you bespoke, in-depth digital and traditional art workshops, tips, and techniques. We’re the only magazine dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi digital art. Alongside each issue, you’ll get exclusive video tuition from professional artists, hi-res multi-layered workshop files, free brushes, textures, and reference images. You won’t get this level of content from any other magazine.如果你喜欢画画,那么 ImagineFX 就是为你量身定做的。ImagineFX 汇集了来自世界顶级幻想和科幻艺术家的各种深度工作坊,以及画廊和访谈、社区新闻和产品评论。无论你是专业的艺术家,艺术系的学生,或者只是为了爱好而创作艺术,ImagineFX 的每一页都充满了来自我们的世界著名艺术家团队的无与伦比的建议,他们为你带来了定制的、深入的数字和传统艺术工作坊、技巧和技巧。我们是唯一致力于幻想和科幻数码艺术的杂志。除了每一期,你可以得到专业艺术家的独家视频教学,高分辨率的多层工作室文件,免费的笔刷,纹理和参考图像。你不会从任何其他杂志得到这种水平的内容。

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ImagineFX Issue-203-2021

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