Artists & Illustrators – 艺术家与插画家杂志PDF电子版 2021年8月刊

Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s best-selling Art magazine. Written for artists and art lovers, providing practical advice for how to paint and offering inspiration for every issue. Published for almost 25 years, each issue of Artists & Illustrators magazine contains a colorful palette of practical ideas, expert technical advice, and useful art materials tests. Whether you favour oils, acrylics or watercolours, portraits or landscapes, abstract art or botanical illustration, Artists & Illustrators magazine brings a refreshing blend of creativity and advice every four weeks throughout the year.艺术家和插画家是英国最畅销的艺术杂志。写给艺术家和艺术爱好者,提供实用的建议,如何绘画和提供灵感的每一个问题。出版了将近25年的《艺术家与插画家》杂志,每一期都包含了丰富多彩的实用思想、专家技术建议和有用的艺术材料测试。无论你是喜欢油画、丙烯画还是水彩画、肖像画还是风景画、抽象艺术还是植物插画,《艺术家与插画家》杂志每四个星期都会为你带来一份清新的创意和建议。

Artists & Illustrators – 艺术家与插画家杂志PDF电子版 2021年8月刊

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