The Artist – 英国艺术家杂志电子版PDF 2021年8月刊

The Artist’s Magazine is the world’s leading magazine for serious, active artists of all skill levels. Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art-making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media艺术家杂志是世界领先的严肃的,积极的艺术家的所有技能水平的杂志。读者通过书面指导和复制,从其他艺术家那里直接学习绘画和绘画,指导他们在创作过程中一步一步地进行。该杂志向读者展示了各种各样的创意选择,教授艺术制作的基本原理,在不同的绘画和绘画媒介中展示技巧

The Artist – 英国艺术家杂志电子版PDF 2021年8月刊

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