For more than 31 years, Guitar World has served as North America’s leading publication for rock guitarists, providing unique instructional content, exclusive photography, and interviews with the genre’s leading celebrity guitarists. Each month, Guitar World offers lessons that help players refine their craft, in-depth reviews of the latest guitars, amplifiers, and effects, current happenings from around the rock scene, celebrity columnists, and one-on-one conversations with artists ranging from iconic superstars to the young guns of today.31年来,《吉他世界》一直是北美地区摇滚吉他手的领先出版物,提供独特的教学内容,独家摄影作品以及该流派知名吉他手的访谈。每个月,《吉他世界》都会提供课程,以帮助演奏者提高自己的手艺,深入了解最新吉他,放大器和效果,摇滚现场的最新动态,名人专栏作家以及与艺术家进行的一对一对话,包括当今年轻枪手的标志性超级巨星。

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Guitar World 吉他世界 9月-2021


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