Photography Week – 摄影周刊杂志PDF电子版 2021年7月15日刊

Improving your photography one week at a time The world’s best-selling digital photography magazine, Photography Week is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Every issue we bring you inspirational images, creative ideas, must-try photo projects, and in-depth video reviews, plus no-nonsense practical advice on how to get the best from your camera, so you can capture and edit images you can be proud of. Designed specifically for mobile devices, each issue features reader galleries, how-to articles and step-by-step videos that will help you become a better photographer. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things photographic.一周一次提高你的摄影水平世界上最畅销的数码摄影杂志《摄影周刊》是任何想要提高摄影水平的人的终极资源。每一期我们都会带给你灵感的图片,创意的想法,必试的照片项目,深度的视频评论,加上如何从你的相机中获得最好的实用建议,这样你就可以捕捉和编辑你感到骄傲的图像。专门为移动设备设计的,每一期的特色读者画廊,如何文章和一步一步的视频,将帮助你成为一个更好的摄影师。这是你的一站式商店所有的东西摄影。

Photography Week – 摄影周刊杂志PDF电子版 2021年7月15日刊

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