Flying 飞行杂志 8月-2021

The sharp wit and experienced judgment of Flying’s experts cover all the challenges and rewards that aviation offers to all flying enthusiasts. From industry news updates, regulations, trends, air shows and events to carefully researched reports on all categories of airplanes, helicopters, avionics, products, technology, accessories, and equipment to pilot technique, flight training, safety, weather, operations, and maintenance.飞行专家敏锐的智慧和经验丰富的判断涵盖了所有的挑战和奖励,航空提供给所有的飞行爱好者。从行业新闻、法规、趋势、航展和事件,到对各类飞机、直升机、航空电子设备、产品、技术、附件和飞行员技术、飞行训练、安全、天气、操作和维护设备的仔细研究报告。

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Flying 飞行杂志 8月-2021

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