Digital Photographer 数码摄影师 Issue-242-2021

Digital SLR Photography is a colorful, instructive, and attractive approach that satisfies the demands of today’s photographers. Dedicated to digital SLR photographers of all levels of experience, from novice to hobbyist to expert, it will enlighten and delight you with a unique mixture of technique articles, inspirational photos, news, and authoritative reviews. This magazine, which covers themes such as landscapes, portraits, and close-up photography, gives a focused and complete read that will help you get the most out of your photography.数码单反摄影是一种丰富多彩,有教育意义,有吸引力的方法,满足了今天的摄影师的要求。致力于数码单反相机摄影师的所有水平的经验,从新手到业余爱好者专家,它将启发和喜悦与独特的技术文章,启发性的照片,新闻和权威评论的混合。这本杂志涵盖了风景、肖像和特写摄影等主题,提供了一个集中和完整的阅读,将帮助你从你的摄影中获得最大的收获。


Digital Photographer 数码摄影师 Issue-242-2021

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