Women’s Fitness – 女性健身杂志PDF电子版 2021年8月刊

Women’s Fitness Magazine is the ultimate health & fitness title for busy women who want to stay in shape , look good and feel at their best! We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve with the very latest health and fitness trends and news, delivered in a fast paced, upbeat, positive and friendly way!女性健身杂志是最终的健康和健身标题为忙碌的女性谁想保持身材,看起来不错,感觉最好!我们引以为豪的是,我们在最新的健康和健身趋势和新闻方面处于领先地位,以一种快节奏、乐观、积极和友好的方式传递信息!

English | 92 pages | True PDF | 47.4 MB

Women’s Fitness-女性健身杂志-2021年8月刊

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