Concept Artist-概念艺术家- 2021年第5版

This special edition magazine looks at the best concept art in film and games today – from the teams behind this recent blockbusters to unique freelance creatives. Get inspired by games like the Batman series and Tomb Raider, plus the latest from Disney and super art studio Industrial Light and Magic. With artist interviews and features, sketchbooks and studio profiles, and loads more.这本特别版杂志着眼于最好的概念艺术在电影和游戏今天-背后的团队这个最近的大片独特的自由创意。受到蝙蝠侠系列和古墓丽影等游戏的启发,再加上迪斯尼和超级艺术工作室工业光魔的最新作品。随着艺术家的采访和特点,写生簿和工作室的简介,并加载更多。

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Concept Artist-概念艺术家- 2021年第5版

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