Bead Jewellery-珠宝首饰杂志-2021年7月刊

In this issue of Bead & Jewellery, have some festival fun from floaty charms to fringed earrings. Then make Marcia DeCoster’s stunning necklace with a domed pendant or a lovely lariat made with Paisley Duos. Don’t miss out on flower bracelets, fabulous pendants, and more.在这一期的珠宝首饰,有一些节日的乐趣,从漂浮的魅力到流苏耳环。然后用半球形的吊坠或佩斯利二重奏制作的漂亮的项链。不要错过花手镯,神话般的吊坠等等。

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Bead Jewellery-珠宝首饰杂志-2021年7月刊

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