Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography – 自学户外摄影 Issue-120-2021

Outdoor photography is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding areas in which a photographer can specialise. But battling with the elements, working with unpredictable creatures, and capturing movement can also make it one of the most challenging photography genres. The Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography book tackles popular subjects, from landscapes and seascapes to wildlife and nature, as well as sports and action photography. Discover incredible tips and tricks for getting the most out of your camera and creating images you feel proud to show off; read interviews with professional and amateur photographers alike; follow step-by-step guides on capturing and editing your outdoor photos; and discover techniques for mastering composition, lighting, essential kit and much more. This practical guide has useful hints for taking shots in all weather and seasons, so grab your camera, step outside and get creative!户外摄影无疑是摄影师可以专攻的最有意义的领域之一。但是与自然的斗争,与不可预知的生物合作,以及捕捉动作也可以使它成为最具挑战性的摄影流派之一。《自学户外摄影》一书介绍了一些受欢迎的主题,从风景和海景到野生动物和自然,还有体育和动作摄影。发现令人难以置信的技巧和诀窍,让你最大限度地利用你的相机,创造你感到骄傲的图像炫耀; 阅读与专业和业余摄影师一样的采访; 按照一步一步的指南捕捉和编辑你的户外照片; 和发现技术掌握构图,灯光,基本工具包和更多。这个实用的指南有很多有用的提示,可以在任何天气和季节拍摄,所以带上你的相机,走出去,变得有创意!

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Teach Yourself Outdoor Photography 自学户外摄影 Issue-120-2021

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