Outlook Money-2021年6月刊

Launched in July 1998, Outlook Money has relentlessly worked as your money manager, helping you invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly. The Outlook Money magazine has been advising its readers on finance, investing, real estate, smart savings, insurance, healthcare, travel, besides buying and maintaining cars. Through our stories we attempt to give you specific, actionable tips that you can use to make your money grow. It is these efforts of 16 years that have helped us grow from being India’s first personal finance magazine to India’s No. 1 personal finance magazine.Outlook Money 成立于1998年7月,作为你的理财工具,它无情地帮助你投资,明智地借贷和合理地消费。除了购买和保养汽车,《瞭望货币》杂志还为读者提供了金融、投资、房地产、智能储蓄、保险、医疗、旅游等方面的建议。通过我们的故事,我们试图给你具体的,可行的提示,你可以用来使你的钱增长。正是这16年的努力帮助我们从印度第一家个人理财杂志成长为印度第一大个人理财杂志。

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Outlook Money-2021年6月刊

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