A download Italia! magazine is a must-have for anyone who loves Italy! Italia! is the world’s best magazine about Italian property, travel, food, wine, culture and people. Every issue helps you get more out of your passion for Italy – whether you’re looking to buy a holiday home or cook an authentic Italian recipe. Italia! magazine takes you off the beaten track and explores all things Italian from the hidden jewels, short breaks, gorgeous countryside, stunning coastlines, historic towns to the much loved tourist attractions.下载意大利! 杂志是所有热爱意大利的人的必备品! 意大利! 是有关意大利房地产,旅游,美食,美酒,文化和人文的全球最佳杂志。 无论您想购买度假屋还是烹饪正宗的意大利菜谱,每一个问题都可以帮助您从对意大利的热情中获得更多收益。 意大利! 该杂志将带您远离喧嚣,探索意大利的所有事物,从隐藏的珠宝,短暂的休息,美丽的乡村,壮丽的海岸线,古镇到备受喜爱的旅游景点。

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