A Computer Music magazine subscription is the complete guide to making music with a computer. There are millions of potential musicians out there and this magazine will help them get the right software and hardware and show them how to use it. Technology is now at a stage where computer users can complete virtually every musical task in the computer domain. Computer Music magazine subscription enables computer owners to develop their musical interest and expertise.

订阅《计算机音乐》杂志是使用计算机制作音乐的完整指南。 那里有数以百万计的潜在音乐家,该杂志将帮助他们获得合适的软件和硬件,并向他们展示如何使用它们。 现在,技术正处于一个阶段,计算机用户几乎可以完成计算机领域中的每项音乐任务。 订阅《计算机音乐》杂志可使计算机所有者发展他们的音乐兴趣和专业知识。


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