Autocar UK – 英国汽车杂志PDF电子版 2021年3月24日刊

Each week Autocar magazine brings readers the scoop on new makes, models, launches, designs, re-designs and concepts. From road to rally, practical to performance, functional to fantasy, Autocar provides the reviews on the cars of today and tomorrow. Thinking of buying new or used? Turn to Autocar classified to find your dream machine. Autocar also keeps you up to speed with the happenings in world motor sport. With Autocar you’ve got the knowledge on the car industry.每周,《汽车杂志》都会为读者带来有关新品牌,新车型,新产品,新设计,新设计和新概念的独家新闻。 从公路到拉力赛,从实用到性能,从功能到幻想,Autocar都对当今和未来的汽车进行了评论。 想购买新的或二手的? 转到分类的汽车,找到您梦dream以求的机器。 汽配还可以让您紧跟世界赛车运动的发展步伐。 借助Autocar,您将掌握汽车行业的知识。

Autocar UK – 英国汽车杂志PDF电子版 2021年3月24日刊

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