The Writer – 作家杂志PDF电子版 2021年5月刊

No matter what type of writing you do-fiction or non-fiction … short stories or novels … screenplays or business prose-you’ll find the practical skill-building advice you’re looking for in The Writer magazine. For thousands of writers, The Writer has been the monthly mentor they turn to for practical help to take their writing to higher and higher levels … and have more fun doing it! Here’s what you can look forward to in The Writer magazine: Hands-on advice from prominent authors: Including Anne Lamott, Jay McInerney, Joyce Carol Oates and Janet Burroway. Creative Sparks: Proven techniques and imagination stretchers to get your creative juices flowing and add sparkle to your prose. “Before and after” insights: Actual examples of how authors turned passable writing into GREAT writing. Success stories: Personal breakthrough lessons that made a big difference in writers’ careers, and how you can apply them yourself. Getting Published: Discover publishers open to submissions … how to “wow” editors with your queries … secrets to successful freelancing … and more.无论您是小说还是非小说类小说……短篇小说或小说……剧本或商业散文,您都可以在《作家》杂志中找到实用的技能建设建议。对于成千上万的作家而言,作家是他们每月寻求指导的实用指导,以将他们的写作推向更高的水平……并从中获得更多的乐趣!您可以在《作家》杂志上期待以下内容:著名作家的动手建议:包括安妮·拉莫特,杰伊·麦金尼,乔伊斯·卡罗尔·奥茨和珍妮特·伯罗威。创意火花:久经考验的技巧和想象力的延伸器,可让您的创意汁流淌,并为您的散文增添光彩。 “之前和之后”的见解:关于作者如何将可写写作转变为GREAT写作的实际示例。成功案例:个人突破性课程对作家的职业以及如何自己应用它们产生了很大的影响。即将发布:发现发布者可以接受提交的内容……如何向您的查询“赞叹”编辑器……成功实现自由职业的秘诀……等等。

The Writer – 作家杂志PDF电子版 2021年5月刊



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