PhotoPlus – 佳能摄影杂志PDF电子版 2021年春季刊

Plus we bring you regular Canon camera and photo projects, along with image-editing tutorials (including Photoshop CC and Elements, Lightroom and Canon DPP) supported with pop-out video guides. PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine is 100% dedicated to every type of Canon EOS DSLR user, from beginners and enthusiasts to semi-pros. All types of photography are covered, including landscapes, wildlife, portraits, black & white, sports and still life.另外,我们为您带来常规的佳能相机和照片项目,以及弹出式视频指南支持的图像编辑教程(包括Photoshop CC和Elements,Lightroom和佳能DPP)。 PhotoPlus:《佳能》杂志100%专为各种类型的佳能EOS DSLR用户(从初学者,发烧友到半专业人士)而设计。 涵盖了所有类型的摄影,包括风景,野生动植物,肖像,黑白,运动和静物。

PhotoPlus – 佳能摄影杂志PDF电子版 2021年春季刊

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