Dish Magazine – 新西兰美食杂志电子版PDF 2021年秋季刊

This beautiful magazine will inspire you to cook and eat good food – each issue is packed with seasonal recipes for everything from a dinner party with friends to casual dining during the week, accompanied by handy tips on techniques and ingredients. Stunning photography features throughout the magazine with stories celebrating food producers, chefs and food locations too. Dish is the perfect magazine for those who love to cook, those who aspire to new heights in their cooking and those who simply love to read about good food.这本美丽的杂志将激发您烹饪和美食的乐趣–每期杂志都包含季节性食谱,从与朋友的晚餐聚会到一周中的随意用餐,应有尽有,并附有方便的技巧和配料提示。 整本杂志都有令人惊叹的摄影作品,其中还包括庆祝食品生产者,厨师和食品地点的故事。 对于那些喜欢做饭的人,那些渴望在烹饪中达到新高度的人以及那些只喜欢阅读美食的人来说,Dish是一本完美的杂志。

Dish Magazine – 新西兰美食杂志电子版PDF 2021年秋季刊

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