We’ve chosen a green start to summer: green in our food, green in our cosmetics, green supplements and green initiatives. We’re all set to make October a completely uplifting time filled with tips and treats to set you up for a memorable month. There are so many different types of superfoods with unusual, incredible and tantalizing flavours we’re ready to share. Dehydrating foods, making summer smoothies and creating sugar from apples is all in the mix. Right on trend is the alcohol-free rave that’s intent on getting high with uber healthy practices, dawning a new body with early morning yoga or chilling out and winding down with evening meditation and a Kombucha cocktail. On the healing front we’ve got Brandon Bays’ Journey and the healing power of horses as well as an effective practice known as EMDR. Our real challenge though is to feel the best you can and carry on the journey of ‘living life well’.

我们选择了夏季的绿色起点:食品中的绿色,化妆品中的绿色,绿色补品和绿色倡议。 我们都准备让十月度过一个令人振奋的时刻,其中包含各种技巧,使您度过一个难忘的月份。 我们准备分享许多种类繁多的超级食品,它们具有不同寻常,令人难以置信和诱人的风味。 脱水食品,制作夏季冰沙和从苹果中制糖都在其中。 流行的趋势是无酒精狂欢,它旨在通过超级健康的练习来达到高水平,通过清晨瑜伽使新的身体崭露头角,或者在晚上的冥想和康普茶鸡尾酒的陪伴下放松身心。 在康复方面,我们有布兰登贝斯之旅,马的康复能力以及一种称为EMDR的有效练习。 不过,我们真正的挑战是要尽自己最大的努力,继续进行“生活得体”的旅程。


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